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Torts - Inducing Breach of Contract

1670002 Ontario Limited (Canadian Professional Recruiters) v. Redtree Contract Carriers Ltd. (Ont CA, 2014)

In this case the Court of Appeal stated the elements of the tort of inducing breach of contract as follows:
To prove Wilson is liable for inducing a breach of contract, CPR had to meet the four-part test in Correia v. Canac Kitchens, 2008 ONCA 506 (CanLII), 2008 ONCA 506, 91 O.R. (3d) 353, at para. 99:
(1) Wilson had knowledge of the contract between CPR and Redtree;

(2) Wilson intended to procure a breach of that contract;

(3) Wilson’s conduct caused Redtree to breach the contract; and

(4) CPR suffered damages due to the breach.

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