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Free Online
Lawyer Consultations

  1. Verify that your issue falls into one of these areas of law: Simon's Practice Areas.

  2. Give me a concise, chronological and organized (500-word maximum) narrative of your situation. Do not send any documents unless I ask for them.

  3. Send a scan of your name ID: such as a driver's license, passport, health card, utility bill, etc. If in doubt as to the form of ID, ask.

  4. Read the 'Important Notes' and 'My Law Practice', below.

  5. All communications between us for the purpose of obtaining legal advice are subject to solicitor-client privilege and confidentiality, even if you do not hire me.

Important Notes:
This is a preliminary service provided to give us an idea of the legal issues involved in your case, and to initiate discussions that may lead to my being retained for fuller legal advice or services. A consultation is not meant to reach firm legal conclusions, and any reliance you place on it to guide your legal actions or inactions is at your own risk. If the matter is already in litigation or is urgent a free consultation is not suitable, though services may be available at a fee. Due to Law Society rules I cannot provide a free consultation if you presently have legal representation for the matter. By requesting a free consult you warrant that you are not a legal professional. I reserve the right to decline a free consultation for any reason.
My Law Practice

After 23 years of practicing law I am now disabled with limited mobility, and my legal practice is restricted to serving self-represented individuals online, it not a traditional bricks & mortar practice. If you hire me, you still directly manage your case as a self-represented individual - but with my online assessment, advice and guidance. All our contact is conducted by email (documents by fax or scan).

My fee quotes are flat-rate for the work quoted, and they are HST-free. Terms are pre-payment. Payment is either by Interac email money transfer (preferred) or Paypal (with extra charges).You can confirm my status as a licensed and practicing Ontario lawyer through the Law Society of Upper Canada:

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