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Wild Animal Law of Canada


Forestry-Related Acts (Manitoba)

(current to 01 September 2016)

Note Re Application of the Forest Act ('FA') and the Forest Health Protection Act ('FHPA')

Like most provincial foresty statutes, these Manitoba statutes have little to no direct relevance to wild animals. The only minor relevance is noted.

This law bears on the wildlife issues of:
The full current text of these statutes and their Regulations may be viewed at the Manitoba statute website.

The Forest Act makes no direct, or even indirect (eg. animals as part of the environment), reference to wild animals. The only reference in it's Forest Use and Management Regulation ('FUM Reg') provides that forestry officers may "carry firearms, and where necessary use such firearms to destroy wild animals, or other animals that endanger, or are likely to endanger, human safety or the forest resources of the province" [FUM Reg 72]. In all other respects the FA is a conventional commercial forestry-regulating statute, oblivious to the magnitude of commercial forestry's impact on wildlife and wildlife habitat.

Similarly, the Forest Health Protection Act ('FHPA') and it's regulations makes no direct or even indirect reference to wild animals (or any animals for that matter), and is concerned primarily with the health of the forests for forestry purposes, primarily against threats of destructive disease and insect infestation.

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