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At 01 March 2019, after just over one year's medical leave,
Simon's law practice will re-open. Whoo-hoo ....!
- 12 February 2019


After serious medical trauma through 2018 (below) which is now abated (with permanent scars!), I am proud and grateful to announce my law practice is scheduled to re-open 01 March 2019.

About this Website

After 23 years of practicing law (preceded by five years of being a paralegal) I had a medical crisis (stroke) in late December 2017. After long medical, personal and financial trauma (stuff you could write a book about, ie. I lost 80 lbs!) I was evacuated from Greece back to Canada by the valiant efforts of friends in April 2018. The Ontario medical system saved my life, but OHIP still says I owe it $45,000 (it's under appeal).

But I'm coming back, finally, and offering the same litigation advice and services for self-represented clients that I have for the last ten years, in conjunction with my website Guides.

Already since 2018 I've updated the Guides for Small Claims, Welfare and ODSP (with legislative amendments), and am currently working on several guides that have gotten outdated over time (they are all date-marked at the beginning of each chapter).

Also in 2018 I started a new project drawn from daily case extracts I've been doing for the last four years from the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada. I've found that collections of case extracts create a useful, recent perspective on a wide range of issues, both statutory and common law. You can see these in-progress 'Case Law Extracts' at the website's sidebar.

Anyway, life goes on. So does law. And I'm still here ...

Simon Shields, LLB
Thornbury, Ontario
15 February 2019
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