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Summer's here!!

I'm writing this on a fine June day. Both my cat and I are enjoying having the door open to the fresh air.

Big developments on the website. Recently I finished the Civil Appeals Guide that I've been working on the past few months, and am now starting a similar Judicial Review Guide. Then I have similar plans to enrich the Torts, Contracts, Evidence and Limitations case-extract collections into something more useful to readers - in the same fashion.

As for the 'old-line' guides (like residential tenancies and ODSP) - the general shift to every tribunal making their own Rules (and changing them with annoying frequency) is leading me to a 'chart' system. This is my plan at least for the non-substantive, procedural stuff - mainly hearing procedure. Without a chart I have to integrate parent statutes and regulations, the SPPA, the tribunal rules and guidelines (especially now with all the new e-stuff), the courts (cases) - and then, when some tribunal chair wants to make their mark and re-issue the Rules again I have to re-write the whole damn thing. It's taking me months after the Rules change to catch up and that's not fair to users - but a chart is easy for me to update. It's more work for the user, but I've decided that's a sacrifice worth making as it allows me to cover more areas.

My legal megalo-mania shows no signs of abating, so coverage of 'more areas' can be expected (after I finish some client work in June).

No New Clients! Sorry ...

I've closed my new-client intake for the time being. I'm busy enough with my existing client base, and with updating and improving the website. So please don't email about your or your client's legal needs, even simple stuff. If you do anyway (and so many do regardless) expect no response - sorry.

Simon Shields, Lawyer

03 June 2022


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