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Employment Insurance

I used to practice the old 'unemployment' insurance when I was much younger, and there was no better source at that time than the government-produced Digest of Benefit Entitlement Principles. It looks to be of the same quality and approach today.

. Green v. Canada (Attorney General)

In Green v. Canada (Attorney General) (Fed CA, 2020) the Federal Court of Appeal considered a judicial review application from the Appeal Division of the Social Security Tribunal of Canada on the issue of when an EI applicant was disentitled for 'voluntarily left his employment without just cause':
[7] I see no reviewable error on the part of the Appeal Division. On the hearing of this application the applicant confirmed that the Appeal Division correctly articulated, at paragraph 26 of its reasons, the factors that led him to quit his job. I am of the view that the Appeal Division committed no reviewable error when it found that these factors, whether considered individually or cumulatively, did not amount to just cause because the applicant had reasonable alternatives to leaving his job which included:
1. discussing his concerns with his employer more thoroughly and exploring different types of accommodation (as opposed to asking on arrival at the worksite to not work on the night shift);

ii. requesting medical leave, seeking consultation with a doctor or obtaining a doctor’s note regarding his medical issues; and

iii. continuing to work until he found other employment.

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