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Wild Animal Law of Canada


Fish Inspection Act (PEI)

(current to 15 May 2016)

Note Re Application of the Fish Inspection Act ('FIA')

The FIA is almost exclusively concerned with regulating the processing and sale of fish and marine animals for human consumption in PEI.

This law bears on the following wildlife issues:
  • SALE
The full current text of this legislation (including regulations) may be viewed at the Prince Edward Island statute website.


While the definition of "fish" for purposes of the FIA includes: "any fish, including mollusks, crustaceans and marine animals and any parts, products or by-products thereof", the Fish Inspection Act ("FIA") is overwhelmingly concerned with the inspection, grading, labelling of dead fish for consumption.

The only conceivable relevance for animal welfare is in the FIA General Regulation F-13 ['G Regs'], which make passing (and implicitly endorsing) reference to the processing, and then sale/purchase, of live 'fish' - being oysters, clams, mussels, lobsters, crab and all other molluscs [G Regs 5,15].
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