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Wild Animal Law of Canada


Municipal Powers Acts (Quebec)

(current to 01 November 2016)

Note Re Application of the Municipal Powers Act.

The Municipal Powers Act ('MPA') has limited application to animals, though it makes no distinction between wild and domestic so it has some wildlife relevance.

This law bears on the wildlife issues of:
The full current text of these Statutes and their Regulations may be viewed at the Quebec statute website.
Note re the Cities and Towns Act
The Cities and Towns Act is a second municipal Quebec statute, however it has no significant wildlife relevance. Therefore I have not considered it within this module.

The Municipal Powers Act ('MPA') has limited animal relevance, as follows:
  • Stray and Dangerous Animals

    Local municipalities have typical municipal jurisdiction respecting stray animals. They may [MPA 63]:

    • "impound, sell for profit or eliminate a stray or dangerous animal";
    • "have an animal suffering from a contagious disease isolated until cured, or eliminated, on a certificate from a veterinary surgeon";
    • "enter into an agreement to authorize a person to enforce a by-law concerning animals".

  • Animals in Parks

    Regional County municipalities may adopt by-laws regarding the "possession or keeping of animals" in regional parks [MPA 115(5)].

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