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"The problem with all animal law is the weakness of enforcement = the disaster that is the OSPCA
(as of Jan 2019) is just one recent example. The best hope for animals are civil actions, both with
existing law and pressing for the establishment of new torts. Standing law should be broadened to allow groups
and individuals to sue on behalf of animals, without any outdated ownership requirement."
Simon Shields, Lawyer
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Wild Animal Law of Canada


Transport Act (Quebec)

(current to 01 November 2016)

Note Re Application of the Transport Act

The transportation of animals within Quebec is governed by this Act.

This law bears on the wildlife issues of:
The full current text of the Transport Act and it's Regulations may be viewed at the Quebec statute website.


Section 2(b) of the Transport Act ('TA') specifically sets out that it applies to the "transport of persons, animals and things by land, air or water from one place to another within the territorial boundaries of Québec by means of vehicles .... or by ship or aircraft ...".

The TA and it's regulations are by and large concerned with the logistics, documentation and other regulation of commercial shipping and makes no other reference to animals, such as container and care standards or suchlike. Any wildlife concerns involving transportation would turn on the specifics of the shipping arrangements made and whether they are TA compliant.

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