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Wild Animal Law of Canada


Forest Resources Management Act (Saskatchewan)

(current to 15 August 2016)

Note Re the Forest Resources Management Act Act ('FRMA')

It's unusual for a forestry statute to have direct application to wildlife. To the extent that the FRMA does this is a result of the FRMA's definition of 'forest resources':
“forest resources” means all resources and values associated with forest ecosystems, whether biotic, abiotic, social or economic, and includes animals, vegetation, land, water, air and recreational, spiritual and heritage values ...;
However this definition is misleading as any indication of the Act being animal-relevant, as the FRMA is far more concerned with classical commercial forestry issues, being the management and development of forests for that purpose:
The purpose of this act is to promote the sustainable use of forest land for the benefit of current and future generations by balancing the need for economic, social and cultural opportunities with the need to maintain and enhance the health of forest land.
Indeed, it is primarily in broad policy contexts (eg. ten-year reports, advisory committees and land use plans: FRMA 9,11,15) that the FRMA regime considers 'forest resources' as such. It makes few express references to animals (none to wildlife) past the above-quoted definition. In fact, the most direct provision relating to wild animals are to their role as threats to the forest and trees [FRMA 7(1)(a) and 99(1)(z)], rather than as 'forest resources'. There are additional provisions concerned with trespassing domestic animals and cattle foraging.

As such the FRMA, despite superficial appearances, has very little wild animal application.
This law bears on the wildlife issues of:
The full current text of this legislation (including regulations) may be viewed at the Saskatchewan statute website.
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