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Court and Administrative E-Access

This linking Guide is an attempt to pull together the Ontario law on court and administrative law electronic access. From the start of COVID (March 2020) the Ontario legal system got thrown into a need for electronic conversion, something that before it was only dabbling in half-heartedly (last updated: 29 April 2022).
19 April 2022 Note: Lots of changes today focussed on restoring the courts to some form of traditional normality. Several courts are re-opening to in-person trials as the default method. There are fresh (still COVID-era) Practice Directions in both the Superior Court and the Divisional Court, with the Small Claims Court PD being amended 04 April 2022.
Practice Directions

Practice Directions (PDs) have been issued by the courts long before COVID (both by court level and geographically) but they have taken on a more significant role since March 2020 due to the need for the courts to respond quickly to changing needs of litigants. The following are court-compiled (and linked) lists of the present PDs for the Superior Court (which includes the Divisional Court and the Small Claims Court) and the Court of Appeal.

Consolidated Notice to the Profession and Public Regarding the Small Claims Court

Superior Court Practice Directions

Notice to Profession – Divisional Court

Court of Appeal COVID Practice Directions and Notices

Court of Appeal (Regular) Practice Directions, Rules and Forms

Other Court-Specific Links

Next, there are several other court-related links that bear on practicing civil law in the time of COVID.

Superior Court

Civil Litigation 'Portals' (RCP)


Small Claims Court

File small claims online

Email Accounts for Small Claims Court Locations

Administrative Law

Administrative Law Hearings Procedures

Electronic Hearing Practice and Etiquette

Best Practices and Etiquette for Remote Hearings

ZOOM Tutorials

2020 Limitations and Time Limit Suspension

Limitation Suspension


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