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Civil Litigation Portals (RCP)

[Current to 26 November 2021]

1. Overview

During 2020 the Rules of Civil Procedure (RCP) were amended to reflect the setting up of two internet 'portals': the Civil Claims Online Portal [R4.05.1] and the Civil Submissions Online Portal [R4.05.2]. These portals are intended to allow formal electronic filings and issuance of court documents, replacing the previous practice of emailing such documents to the Registrar's office for processing.
Note: These 'portals' are distinct from the Caselines software also recently adopted by the courts for the related purpose of re-filing documents for pre-hearing access by the court and all parties .

2. Procedures

The province has set up a combined website for the two portals: Justice Services Online: File civil case documents online. To access it you must register with the province's more general OneKey Portal (the site will offer that option).

All documents are required to be in pdf format (Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5.0 or higher). Where fees are required the website has these options for electronic payment: Visa, Mastercard, or Interac debit card.
Note: You must agree with the portals' Terms of Use, or risk having your documents rejected. It is best to review the Terms of Use initially before you sign on to the website, as they are extensive and the website kicks you off after 15 minutes inactivity.

Note: Where the filing or issuance is urgent (needed within 5 days), neither the CCOP nor the CSOP portals may be used, and the previously practice of emailing directly to, or attending before, the Registrar or Trial Cordination Office may be required.

3. Civil Claims Online Portal (CCOP)

The CCOP portal is meant for filing and issuing basic pleading and proof of service documentation [see the full lists at R4.05.1(2,7), above]. The filing and issuance for CCOP are described in the government website as "automatic" [you should receive an automatic email confirmation], meaning that the act is effective immediately.

If you file your document outside regular business hours [8:30am-5pm], it will be considered filed on the next business day.

If the court issued your document, you will receive the issued document by email.

4. Civil Submissions Online Portal (CSOP)

The CSOP portal is meant for filing and issuance of most 'other' court documents [see R4.05.2(2), above].

First documents are downloaded to the portal, and then the court will review them for acceptability and confirm acceptability by email within five days.

If the document is accepted for filing, it will be considered to have been filed on the day indicated in a confirmation email sent by the registrar [R4.05.2(5)].

If the document is issued, it will be considered to have been issued on the day indicated a confirmation email sent by the registrar [R4.05.2(8-9)]. If the court issues your document, you will receive it by email.

If the documents are "rejected, you will receive an email stating your documents have not been filed or issued, the reasons for the rejection and confirming that any filing fee payment will be refunded." You can then try it again, but fees must be resubmitted.

The extra time required to use the CSOP portals is not added on to the time limits for filing and issuance under the Rules of Civil Procedure, so if using the CSOP - do it early.


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