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* New Guide Ideas *

These are legal topics that I can write new guides on, like the other Legal Guides that you see in the website. In past I have written them as a public information service and to attract business to my online law practice, but recently some clients have paid for my development and posting of new guides (eg. Wild Animal Law of Canada), and I like that idea a lot (kind of as a retirement plan).

There are lots of legal topics I'd like to work on, so if anyone is interested in sponsoring a particular new guide we can talk. But much of the talk will be about money, because I can't take time off of paying work, much as I would like.

I'd also consider doing guides 'for sale' (ie. selling them with copyright) to other legal professionals or special interest groups. It's how I was able to get good search ranking to support my online law practice. A good guide can be your start to (if you are a legal professional) an online law practice like mine, or (if you are a special interest group) becoming the website where the legal last word lives.

New Guide Ideas

  • (Unified) Animal Law (Ontario) Guide

    I've got two current guides (animal cruelty, dogs&cats), plus a Canadian guide on Wild Animal Law. But it makes a lot a sense to put out one unified guide, there are lots of gaps: agricultural animals, OSPCA law, exotics, etc.

  • Family Law (Ontario)

    I've never practiced family law seriously but it's heavily codified - and it's litigation, so I can do it. I've been saying for years the topic should be done because there is such a demand for self-represented litigants. I think the courts are half-filled with them now, which is a public embarrassment.

  • Contract

    I've been harvesting all the important civil cases from the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada since 2015, and that is a good start at very recent and relevant contract cases. Contract law is in my blood.

  • Torts

    Torts are fun. And people love them. As with contracts, I've been harvesting all the important tort cases from the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada since 2015. I'd enjoy this one.

  • Administrative Law

    I've done a decent SPPA (Statutory Powers Procedures Act) guide which deals with a lots of admin law, but there is a lot more than can be done. God knows so much of law today is admin law and more every day.

'Boutique' Guides

These are smaller guides that I've been intrigued by over the years, but never had the time for.
  • Tree Law
  • Travel Law
  • Sale of Goods

  • Banks and Consumers
  • Subsidized Housing Law
  • Auto Sales

  • Consumer Reporting
  • Neighbour Law
  • PPSA Law

  • Politically-Progressive Civil Law
  • Private Prosecutions
  • Construction Law

  • RSLA law
Note: About 10 years ago I did a War Crimes (Canada) Legal Guide. It could use updating (quick, before there's another war ...)


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