Simon looking earnest in Preveza, Greece
"Welfare law, jeez. You'd kid yourself to think that you could live on that, what ... $733 all-in right now?
You can't get an apartment for that, and you're hard-pressed to get one on ODSP.
Anytime I get a welfare case, it's usually from family or friends - they're so desperate."
Simon Shields, Lawyer
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--> Welfare (Ontario Works) Legal Guide
Table of Contents


Request for Internal Review

_______________________ (date)

To: Welfare Administrator/ODSP Director




Re: Request for Internal Review

___________________________ (name of recipient/applicant)

___________________________ (welfare/ODSP Client Number)

This is to request an Internal Review of your Decision dated __________________.

Your Decision was received on or about _______________________.

(If required) I ask that you extend the time for filing this Request for Internal
Review because (give reasons):





___________________________ (signature)

___________________________ (printed name)
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