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"Every time you look, something that was in the courts gets shifted to a tribunal.
Tenancies, worker's comp, human rights and on it goes. It's a sign of the times,
the courts being overwhelmed with the excesses of modern society. If you don't know
admin law, you don't know modern law."
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Administrative Law (Ontario)(SPPA)
(01 March 2019)

Chapter 15 - Tribunal Rule-Making Authority: Service of Decisions


General SPPA rules [SPPA s.18] regarding service of decisions and orders are discussed in Ch.7, s.3: "Orders: Final Orders". Insofar as they apply to service of orders, those more specific rules will prevail over conflicting terms in any s.25.1-made service rules.

Those s.18 provisions allow a limited role for additional s.25.1-made rules on this subject, including that any s.25.1-made rules dealing with service of decisions may govern the deemed date of receipt of the notice of decision [SPPA s.18(4)].

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